Mathieu Lonjaret


I currently work at Containous on the Traefik open-source project. Fun times.


I used to work on the Perkeep project full-time. It is now still my main hobby project because:



I used to work as a programmer at IRAM, mainly contributing to GILDAS. I used to collaborate with ESO and NRAO for CASA and Alma.

I designed (with the help of some iram colleagues) a sort of interactive model of the Plateau de Bure interferometer.
Here is the code to make it work, and here are some pictures of it at the FĂȘte de la science 2010 event in Grenoble.

Free Software

I am interested and involved in various open-source projects like sourcemage GNU/Linux (used to be packages maintainer), Plan 9 from Bell Labs (a few contributions as well to the unix port: plan9port ), and the Go language.

Here are the various projects I am (intermittently) working on:


When not programming, I read anything that catches my attention, I have fun at Jeet kune Do, I hike in the surrounding mountains, or I go out for a run/bike ride.

I like to think I'm trying to do the right thing most of the time, which is why I'm vegetarian, among other things.


I gave up on fighting spam, so pretty much anything sent to this domain goes to /dev/null.
If you're a friend or you're smart enough, you know how to contact me directly.

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